Mastering Change Management in correctional facilities

Managing the implementation of technology in correctional facilities is a complex process that requires careful planning, coordination, and training.

In every industry, project implementation failures occur, more frequently than they should. Often these failures are not due to technological challenges, but rather to insufficiently planned or executed change management.

We consider change management (of which our training and support methodology is an important component) as a vital set of tools to ensure the successful adoption of the new JMS/OMS and minimize resistance in the organisation.

Training and support of leaders and staff through the digital transition journey are key elements in our approach to successfully implement a new system and the changes in organisation and processes related to it.

Our team is highly experienced in training of jail and prison professionals, being responsible for the training of more than a thousand correctional professionals a year. Our training and instructional design team is also experienced in developing distance learning materials, some of them made available through our platform Corrections Learning Academy.

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