Powered by AI

The all-in-one intelligent Offender/Jail Management System built for today’s and future correctional needs

Evidence-based. Simple. Reliable. Affordable.

Powered by AI

The all-in-one intelligent Offender/Jail Management System built for today’s and future correctional needs

Evidence-based. Simple. Reliable. Affordable.

Why HORUS 360º iOMS

Bring agility to your agency

In the midst of the digital transition and transformation, automation and artificial intelligence are reshaping the way correctional agencies manage their operations to ensure citizens safety while creating new futures for incarcerated persons.

Cover the offender’s sentence life cycle

HORUS 360º aggregates data during the entire individual offenders’ life cycle of detention, imprisonment, and surveillance — from the initial intake process to release on parole or completion of sentence.

Drive faster collaboration

This innovative platform aggregates and correlates data from multiple criminal justice system agencies, providing correctional administrations and decision makers with everything they need to know about offender and operational data.

Keep important data front-and-center

With a streamlined flow of information, powered by cutting-edge technology, you can get clearer insights about the information gathered throughout the offenders’ sentence and make informed decisions.

Integrated platform

Drive your multi-step workflows forward

With HORUS 360º you’re no longer bound by traditional real-world limitations, such as manual data entry and time-consuming processes.

The platform enables the automation of workflows, tasks, data analysis and reporting across criminal justice organisations by fusing all data sources into one place, allowing correctional services to function as integrated and connected systems.

Strategic prison
intervention planning

of offenders



Innovative features

Experience a person-centric approach to correctional interventions

Assess offender’s risks, needs and responsiveness

HORUS 360º iOMS employs advanced algorithms to assess offenders’ risks, needs, and responsivity accurately.

This enables your department to gain valuable insights into individual inmates, aiding in effective classification and targeted intervention strategies.

Allocate inmate to the most suitable detention facility

Our system streamlines the process of assigning inmates to the most suitable detention facility based on their specific requirements, ensuring optimal utilization of resources and minimizing risks associated with inappropriate placements.

Distribute caseload automatically

HORUS 360º iOMS optimizes caseload distribution among correctional staff, taking into account their expertise, workload, and availability.

This ensures a fair and balanced distribution of responsibilities, fostering better management of the offender population.

Identify the most suitable rehabilitation programmes

By leveraging advanced analytics, our system identifies the most effective rehabilitation programs for each individual.

This personalized approach increases the chances of successful rehabilitation and reduces the risk of reoffending.

Schedule offender into programmes/activities

HORUS 360º iOMS facilitates efficient scheduling of offenders into various programs and activities within the correctional facility.

This promotes structured routines and provides opportunities for skill development, education, and productive engagement.

Predict future behaviour

Our AI-powered system utilizes historical data and behavioral patterns to predict future offender behavior, enabling your department to proactively address potential risks and devise preventive strategies.

Support decision-making

HORUS 360º iOMS supports decision-making by providing data-driven insights through extensive reporting and recommendations.

This empowers your department to make informed decisions regarding offender management, resource allocation, strategic planning, and more.

Refer post release/community follow-up

Our solution ensures a seamless transition for offenders from incarceration to the community.

HORUS 360º iOMS facilitates post-release referrals, monitors progress, and enables effective follow-up programs, fostering successful reintegration and reducing recidivism rates.

Learn from successful results

Horus 360º iOMS learns from previous decisions and provides recommendations based on that acquired knowledge.

This feature offers numerous advantages, including improved decision-making, precise assessments and classification, optimized resource utilization, and personalized interventions.